The controllers are unstable,and the costs are inflation.
The wireless communication is unstable,and the maintenance cost of wired 485 is high due to surface subsidence.
They have to send workers to the station because of the trackers needed to be connected to the computer.
The types of trackers are various,and the management is complex.
Customer  Issues
We provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and mobile terminal APP to realize the remote control. That can reduce labor costs by 20%.
The communication box can be adapted to the interfaces of  different controllers.
The stability of our developed controller can be increased by 10%. And the prices are decreased by 8% compared with the market.
We can provide overall controller scheme, and controller PCB scheme. So that the transformation costs can be reduced by 60%.
We can provide wireless solutions, and the deployment is rapid and simple.
Improveing Scheme
Advantages of Solution
■ We can reduce cabling by 90%, reduce deployment costs, and improve system stability in harsh environment

■ We monitor the key data of photovoltaic stations in real time to make operation and maintenance more convenient and efficient.

■ Our control sensor is integrated design in order to realize no man guard;

■ We can increase power generation by 1-3% with the intelligent optimization algorithm;

■ We provide distributed deployment, accurate system maintenance, and reduce the loses of operation and maintenance

■ Our products can compatible with isolated LAN or Bluetooth.
AI control panel
1、Formulate tracking control strategy according to the real terrain;
2、Provide anti shadow astronomical algorithm based on real-time meteorological data;
AI control panel
3、Provide optimization and upgrading of original tracker for double sided strategy
4、Feedback control strategy of shared parameters of DC side power generation from DC combiner and series inverter
NCU Advantages
1、Volume(140*140*75mm)Single person installation
2、DC brush motor system;
3、Real time automatic verification;
4、High performance 32-bit processor
5、Fault alarm/Automatically start;
6、Anti-shadow astronomy algorithm /Group control/one key to level
NCU Advantages
7、IP65 waterproof level/Cast aluminum housing/No rust for 25 years ;
8、One-key calibration/Eliminate tracking errors ;
9、Human-computer interaction function;
10、Built-in angle instrument adapting AC220-380/DC24/high voltage DC power.
The overall cost can be reduced by 8%.
Advantages of Products
Overseas Applications
115 MW Photovoltaic power station in Alabama
Efficiency increased by 4.3% .
Domestic Applications

200MW Photovoltaic Power Station
in Aba Shengtian Sichuan
Efficiency increased by 2.3%.
200MW Photovoltaic Power Station in Yanchi Ningxia
Efficiency increased by 5.2%.
Domestic Applications

Photovoltaic power station on fish pond in Wuwei Anhui
Efficiency increased by 1.7%.
Domestic Applications

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